Utimate Comics: Spider-Man #1 Review

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1 Review

The introduction of a new character to take up the mantle of a superhero would always be a controversial decision, especially when that superhero is Spider-Man and the character departing the comic is the beloved Peter Parker. With the shocking death of Peter at the end of Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #160 we were left without a Spider-Man within the Ultimate universe; this was not to last long. We first caught a glimpse of the new Spider-Man in Ultimate Fallout #4 but it is not until this issue that we finally learn a bit more about Miles Morales.
Onto the cover of this debut issue and this was the first issue that I have ever owned that arrived poly-bagged; which I found very exciting. Once opened I was presented with a highly colourful image of the new Spider-Man in his new outfit. I am not a big fan of this cover, I have to admit, although it is very dynamic there is just something that bugs me about it; maybe it’s the odd pose of Spider-Man.
Now onto the story itself, this issue takes place before ‘The Death of Spider-Man’ arc and it introduces us to Miles and his family. It is quite a slow issue in that there are no battles although arguably more important than any battle is the event that happens in this issue and that is the spider biting Miles’s hand. I thought that in general it was played out quite nicely although I was a bit perplexed with how quick his powers activated after the spider bite. It seems that it only took a matter of minutes between the bite and his first unique power to show itself. This Spider-Man’s powers is one area that I am really excited about, as I think he is going to how two powers that Peter’s Spider-Man did not. I think that Marvel and Brian M. Bendis more specifically has hit on a really good idea in giving Mile’s Spider-Man unique powers because it helps to differentiate him from Peter even more, and hopefully will help to establish him as Spider-Man instead of replacement Spider-Man.
The art in this issue is absolutely brilliant; I love how Sara Pichelli draws her characters, she draws some really high quality scenes. I feel that with Pichelli in charge of the art that we are going to be treated to some gorgeous issues over the coming months and I can’t wait.
Overall I think that this was a good start at introducing Miles as the new Spider-Man, the series has a new feel to it now that is unique to Miles and that can only be a good thing in establishing him as a character. I am looking forward to issue #2.

Issue Rating – 8/10


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